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If you have used the enclosed booths for your sunless tan, try out our custom spray tan system and be converted forever.  Booth applications require the user to stand far away from the nozzles and the skin becomes saturated in a fog of sunless solution.  This solution can give unsightly feet and hands since the solution collects onto the tops of them and can make them appear much darker.  

Our custom solution with the highest grade DHA (active ingredient that gives the brown color on skin) is sprayed 5 inches away from the body reducing the need for a fog of solution to tan your skin.  You can pick your bronze level...you don't have to be stuck with only one color from the booth.  The tan will take approximately 10-12 hours to fully develop so you will not want to get wet, sweat or rub on the tan too much.  After 12 hours, you can take a shower (using only hands and sulfate free body wash for best results) and then load on the moisturizer to keep skin soft and extend the tan.  

We offer a full sunless spray tan care line to enhance and extend your beautiful spray tan.  
What to wear during the bronzing session?  Ladies may be nude, wear our supplied disposable g-string or your own undergarments, a swimsuit or even a tank top and shorts.  We request men wear swimming shorts or underwear.  Everyone feels body conscious, but be assured that the owner is a trained technician who is ready to give you a fabulous tan and make you feel comfortable during the process.   

​Custom Spray Tan

1 tan - $35
2 tans - $60

Drying Powder - $5
(helps set tan and alleviate stickiness)

Please call 573-334-0298 or email us at utstanning@live.com for further information and to schedule your appointment.